A first of its kind ultra-luxury e-commerce platform along with an exclusive digital club platform accessible by New Royals Club members, using the new and uprising cryptocurrency, New Royals Gold (NRG).



At New Royals, we believe in the tokenization of the economy, which is why we have created a token to match the level of value we strive for in the ultra-luxury community. NRG is positioned to be a rare valuable token of ultra-luxury in the blockchain space.

Token name: New Royals Gold

Token symbol: NRG

Token platform: Ethereum (ERC20)

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000

Token supply for ICO: 98,000,000

Token price: $0.18

Token supply for private sale: 20,000,000

Token supply for public sale: 78,000,000

Hard Cap: 18,266.6667 ETH or ~$16,000,000.00

Soft Cap: 2,666.66667 ETH or ~$2,400,000.00

Payment methods: ETH, BTC, LTC

Private sale bonus: 30%


Top notch security due to blockchain technology, bounty program and multiple security policies to prevent attacks on employees and investors.


Instant and secure payment using NRG token.


NRG is designed to be a token of high value, driven by accumulation of tokens by our New Royals Club members and New Royals luxury lovers.


New Royals is interested in providing only the highest quality of service to our customers.

Our Team

Stephano Brasini

Founder & Managing Director

Brandon Waiters

Director, Smart Contracts

Anna Gemignani

Director, Marketing, Promotions and Expansion

Matteo Contarino

Director, Clientele management

Bianca Rhodes

Director, Accounts

Antonio Michelli

Director, Product development

Our Advisors

Fran├žois-Henri Pinault

CEO, Kering S.A.

Brian Thomas Hall

Legal Advisor

Our Investors

Our listings

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Q1 2017


Company founded

Q3 2017


Alpha web and app development

NRG coinception

Whitepaper release

Alpha web launch

Q1 2018

NRG private sale

NRG public sale

Q3 2018

NRG listed on exchanges

New Royals web and app launch on ethereum testnet

Bounty bonus period

Q4 2018

New Royals web and app launch on ethereum mainnet

New Royals lounges and clubhouse development

New Royals luxury products launch


Become the prestigious household name in the luxury industry

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From Our Blog


  • What is New Royals?
  • New Royals is an e-commerce platform that will facilitate the buying and selling of luxury products with cryptocurrency. Luxury sellers host their shops on our platform and customers buy using NRG. We also produce our branded luxury products sold exclusively on New Royals.
  • What is New Royals Club?
  • New Royals Club is an online club whose members will consist of top 1000 token holders who pay membership fees. They will receive privileges like access to our New Royals Club House, association with our New Royals brand along with a New Royals I.D. CARD. As more people become members, the higher NRG value, the higher the Club members standard and the higher the privileges.
  • How will New Royals contribute to the token economy?
  • We will create a new industry in the blockchain space and attract wealthy investors to the token economy. Our customer reach will include both the crypto-affluent and non-crypto-affluent, thereby growing the token economy.
  • How will New Royals ensure investors safety?
  • We have defined security policies and will be confidential about our customers. We have put various procedures in place to avoid cloning and phishing attacks, employee social engineering and other common ICO attacks.
  • What is New Royals Gold?
  • New Royals Gold is the official currency of New Royals token economy. The total supply is 100,000,000 NRG. 98,000,000 NRG will be on sale to the public, 1,000,000 NRG will be for bounty and 1,000,000 NRG for the team and investors. It is transferrable and will be listed on exchanges. It is the fuel of the New Royals platform and the New Royals Club. What is the ICO hard cap and soft cap? The ICO hard cap is USD16,000,000 and soft cap is USD2,000,000. This will be added to the initial funds raised from our investors.
  • What is the price of NRG?
  • During the private sale, 7500 NRG equals 1 ETH. During the public sale, 5000 NRG equals 1 ETH.
  • How can I buy NRG?
  • You can purchase NRG from our website: https://newroyals.io.